Because of you, the rest of us are making do with it. Some things can't stand another time. The two luckiest things in my life, one is that time has finally consumed my love for you, the other is that I met you one day a long time ago, if. All wounds can be healed. If. All sincerity can be exchanged for sincerity. If. All the faith can persist. If. All emotions can be perfect. If. Can still meet in a city. A simple smile. A little happiness. Wanton embrace. How nice. But it's really just if. Some people met, some people lost, maybe life is like this, the four seasons flow, who will stay at the end, accompanied by. Seems to be starting to lose more and more, instead of income. Those deep and shallow traces in the years, those unable to freeze the memory, but also how to choose. Find a cup of cold water to save the thirsty throat. Write some sad words, record some trivial life. Ten fingers to warm themselves, can only maintain the moment. Who said, know how to open up, mind will be calm. I smile, is not really know how to complete. Text, SMS, phone, online message. I began to let some people fade out of my life. I don't believe that there is anything in the world that can last forever. You are not mine, nor am I yours. My heart is so small, there are not many people I can meet, and there are only a few who can give. Memory of the remaining gentle, will not be able to reach the present ordinary happiness. Even if it is just a small light spot, so we can only see the present, and then a simple life, the difference is just the heart. "You'll find someone better than me," she said. "I smile and say," but I won't be so nice to people anymore. " There is no happiness when we laugh, no tears when we cry, and no promise when we believe. It's a fake name because it's a real story. When it's time to insist, but let go of your hand. Let go of you, not because I don't love you, but because I love you too much time will not change the pain, time can only adapt to the pain. What separates us is not others, but the world. Suffocating silence, sad is me, not you, How many times and how many times, memories of life into a circle, and we in situ turned countless times, unable to extricate. Always want to go back to the original place of acquaintance, if you can choose again, think you can love more simply. Leave tears to the one who loves you the most and smile to the one who hurts you the most. Between two hearts, the best feeling is nothing more than a peace of mind; between two people, the best feeling is nothing more than a willingness. Love is a willingness, but also a contentment.